MPX and Healthcare Insurance

As a leader in print and digital fulfillment solutions in multiple industries for many years, we know that deep, industry immersion results in better and more highly valued solutions. We have welcomed the challenges presented by our health plan clients.  We’ve used our deep experience along with the latest technology and determined flexibility of our team to bring highly effective solutions to this fast growing industry segment.

It is why we continuously enhance our member and provider correspondence solutions with the robust and nimble suite of services designed for the complete and complex needs of the healthcare payer market.

Introducing HealthLinq by MPX.

HealthLinq — a Custom Designed, Fully Integrated, Cloud-Based Solution for Healthcare Insurance Communications

HealthLinq is a flexible, scalable, and complete communications solution specially tuned for the varied needs of the Healthcare Insurance market. This comprehensive suite of communications addresses all member and provider interactions by combining state-of-the-art technology with hands-on expertise in communications, design, security, and bi-directional data integration.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Service

HealthLinq is unlike any other healthcare payer solution. We combine the latest technology with committed, flexible service; all backed by a legacy of expertise in data integration, communications design and all paper and digital delivery options.

HealthLinq is:

  • Built and delivered by experts in comprehensive communications solutions for health payers
  • Flexible and nimble, allowing you to use the services you want, when you want
  • In compliance with the security needs of your industry
  • Easily integrated with your CRM or ERP system 
  • Simple to managed 7/24/365 via the HealthLinq cloud-based platform and with our team at your side

Unmatched Responsiveness, Composition and Data Skills

Your dedicated project manager, and deeply experienced document composition, data and programming team will work with you to develop custom solutions to deliver clarity and consistently positive experiences to your members. 

With HealthLinq you will find: 

  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Immediate and incremental benefits
  • Improved operational and fiscal performance 
  • Increased member engagement and satisfaction